Pt. Ram lal Sharma Senior Secondary School, Hoshangabad

Affiliated to CBSE,New Delhi. Affiliation No. 1030731

 principal Desk

From the Principal’s Desk:

Dear parents and well wishers, On behalf of the management and dedicated faculty at Pt.R.L.S.C.B.S.E school , H.bad, may I take opportunity to welcome you are about to undertake as you to the journey you are about to undertake as you browse through the school website.

Sure at Pt.RLS.C.B.S.E school , we are committed to providing the young learns entrusted to our care with the knowledge , skills qualities and attitudes necessary to excel not only in this school but in their pursuit of higher education in institution of international repute.

Through our curriculum, we encourage creative thinking along side stimulating and meaningful experiences leading to fun and wonder our curriculum celebrates the diversity whiten our school and equips. Our children with the skills and values and attributes required to become active citizens in our international community. Due emphasis is laid not only on academics but sports performing and creative arts, education in human values and discipline are given equal importance too.

We provide opportunities to promote and social, emotional, cultural, mental and physical growth. We strive to develop each child`s potential, recognize his/her ability and in culcate positive self- esteem in order to develop them into responsive citizens of tomorrow’s India.

We do believe that each child is special and unique. While we appreciate and build upon their strength, we are patient with their weakness, teaching them skills to help overcome and deal with them encouraging one another to grow. Here we lead not by words but by our action which set the foundation for building an environment of trust and respect. A warm pleasant smile, an upbeat attitude and a kind heart is what differentiates the faculty who are special, compassionate, loving leaders in their own rights, committed and dedicated to their calling.

I hope that you find browsing through our website both useful and informative. We always welcome you for any of your query and want you to visit our school for admission of your child and to compare with other school.

Mr. Sunil Kumar Sharma
Ramlal Sharma English Medium CBSE School